• How can you tell if the water pump must be replaced

    Pump water heaters is an extremely important component of the cooling system for any car. Its malfunction leads to permanent damage of the engine due to excessive heat which will deform the metal parts inside, especially if they are made […]

  • General aspects of vehicle mechanics: Brakes

    The braking system has the following functions: reducing speeds ensure the vehicle stop any car you are in a gear and brakes can keep it in place, if needed. The main brake (hydraulic) Ordered via the brake pedal, it acts […]

  • Exhaust system: performance and importance in the car

    It is necessary to know this device thoroughly because the car depends largely on it to control the gases it emits after combustion. The exhaust system is an essential part of the car because performs two vital functions: expels hazardous […]

  • EDS Traction Control System

    Traction Control System (TCS, ASC + T, ASR, EDS ….): Traction control has several acronyms to designate the same function. With different systems, the purpose is always the same: to avoid sliding of the driving wheels at the moment of […]

  • Winter Auto Care

    Ignore automatic transmission can cost you dearly. If you ask them what routine jobs are the most important for the maintenance of the vehicle, most would say the change engine oil and filter paper, but forget the automatic transmission. Replace […]

  • What to do if my car is flooded

    The cars are increasingly electronic components, something that a few years ago was reserved for cars high end, hence, if our vehicle is flooded we added it back when complications. If this happens we give, we must be very cautious […]

  • What should I check my car every month

    Our car is an important object and its operation is correct we must make a constant maintenance. There are a number of things that we regularly look for our car. This article will explain you should check each month on […]

  • What is the proper fuel for your car?

    Many people are asking the same question every time they go to put gas in their car “should I put gas stream or king?” And the fuel is one of the major headaches of American drivers: almost every month support increased on […]

  • What is the lifespan of a car?

    The when to change car is very difficult to determine and issue in many circumstances converge, since our economic situation, to the use we give the vehicle going through the situation of automotive sector , which can lead to whether […]

  • What are the differences between ABS and conventional

    Differences between conventional and ABS brakes are based primarily on emergency response for those who are equipped with the first system is not locked. But these are not the only elements that distinguish both. The braking systems with ABS are […]


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