• Alternator

    The alternator, which is known in technical jargon generator that produces the electrical power for the electrical system in a vehicle. A distinction is made between direct current and Alternators. In newer vehicles but alternators are only used. These have […]

  • Alignment and Balancing

    Importance of alignment and balancing tires on the car Align and balance a car is essential for life. Swinging is offset by how small weights , usually of lead, the lack of weight in conjunction with a pneumatic tire ( […]

  • Air Service

    A well-functioning air conditioning system allows two important benefits for the motorist: For one, they of course greatly increases the comfort while driving, but on the other it also increases without doubt the driving safety – as statistically proven repeatedly, […]

  • Adjusting Caster Plates

    Caster adjustment will help the vehicle maintain a straight line, making it easier for the driver to steer and maintain control. Caster refers to the tendency of a wheel to return to a straight path after a turn (think of […]

  • How to clean car interior

    How to clean car interior

    The maintenance of the interior of the car to get it clean as far as possible is a task that should not be underestimated, since the end of the day we spent many hours in our car and if someone […]

  • How to clean car air filter

    How to clean car air filter

    The air filter is one of the major recipients of dirt generated by the activity of combustion engine car. If we keep it in good condition, we can put at risk the proper functioning of the vehicle. We help in […]

  • How to clean car air conditioning

    How to clean car air conditioning

    The air conditioning ducts car is a place where many microorganisms, ultimately, may be the source of odors inside the vehicle and even transmission of diseases accumulate. Therefore, it is necessary for the maintenance of a car cleaning include them. […]

  • How to change the color of my car

    How to change the color of my car

    For aesthetic functions or also to cover small scratches, the change of color of the car is a good choice. We know that this is a difficult process to do if we want to be good, so it is best […]

  • How to change the brake pads on my car

    How to change the brake pads on my car

    If you drive safely, be sure to always keep in good condition the brake pads of your car. These parts are responsible for breaking the wheels and therefore the entire vehicle. If you are not in good condition, the chances […]

  • How to change car antifreeze

    How to change car antifreeze

    Although we all know as antifreeze, you need to know the name of this liquid is coolant, since its main function is to cool the engine. Likewise, it also functions as prevent freezing of this circuit to extreme temperatures, hence […]


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