• Smoke signal to be serviced without waiting

    Although all cars emit smoke in small amounts when they are moving, when it is visible and plentiful, the signal is clear: it is time to visit the mechanic.┬áLearn how to know if your car clear smoke is normal or […]

  • Signs that sends your car

    Sometimes, your car wants to say something. It happens when you sit behind the wheel and activate the ignition switch. Many icons are lit on the electronic board that you have to face. You, as usual, put in first gear, […]

  • Replacing the taillights of a Mercedes

    Mercedes vehicles have several driving lights for added safety. These lights are the headlights, taillights, flashers, and parking lights at the front and rear of the vehicle’s important to always keep the lights running, not only for your safety, but […]

  • Automatic Transmission Service

    If you do not have to shift gears in your car while driving, then you have an automatic transmission. The transmission is the gearbox connected to the engine that transmits power from the engine to the wheels to move the […]

  • Automatic transmission fluid

    Vehicles equipped with automatic transmissions have a lubricating fluid in the transmission that is called, appropriately, transmission fluid. Anyone even vaguely familiar with auto mechanics comprises at least that. Unlike engine oil, transmission fluid with which it has much in […]

  • Auto lights that illuminate little: What to do and what not?

    At night it is very important that our headlights illuminate the road well to see where we are going and to see us too. So it is a problem and a danger to our car lights illuminate little. Usually this […]

  • Alternator

    The alternator, which is known in technical jargon generator that produces the electrical power for the electrical system in a vehicle. A distinction is made between direct current and Alternators. In newer vehicles but alternators are only used. These have […]

  • Alignment and Balancing

    Importance of alignment and balancing tires on the car Align and balance a car is essential for life. Swinging is offset by how small weights , usually of lead, the lack of weight in conjunction with a pneumatic tire ( […]

  • Air Service

    A well-functioning air conditioning system allows two important benefits for the motorist: For one, they of course greatly increases the comfort while driving, but on the other it also increases without doubt the driving safety – as statistically proven repeatedly, […]

  • Adjusting Caster Plates

    Caster adjustment will help the vehicle maintain a straight line, making it easier for the driver to steer and maintain control. Caster refers to the tendency of a wheel to return to a straight path after a turn (think of […]


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