The diesel engines are becoming more sophisticated, so it is more difficult to fail, although it is more expensive to repair. In these times, save on repair and car maintenance and prolong life comes great. To do this, we give a number of useful tips and none of them will cost money, just time and patience.

First, do not forget to follow at all times the maintenance plan specified by the manufacturer in the maintenance book. You must meet the deadlines for review and be aware that oil and spare parts must be used.

Do not stop the engine suddenly just after driving on highway or a mountain. You need to wait at least one minute as hot oil in the turbine can char and could break the turbo.

We strongly recommend rush the lowest possible deposit. You always have to try to fill the tank when the indicator shows that a quarter of a tank left, as in the case of diesel fuel impurities accumulate at the bottom and could pass the power system, damaging it completely.

If a tanker truck is refilling a gas tank, you should never fill up, as they can enter impurities and moisture. In any case, you must wait at least one hour of charging.

You have to periodically check the oil level. A very low level could cause serious engine damage, while too high a level may damage the tube or sleeves. To review this, you need to have the car on the flat and the engine is cold.

Before starting, you should wait about 10 seconds for the engine to warm up. Thus, the oil pump is sufficient to lubricate entire driving time.

Purge the fuel filter is also very important periodically since moisture and avoid affecting the fuel injection system. When you bring the car to check, ask that it purged.

It should change the fuel filter approximately every 60,000 km. Thanks to this, avoid impurities entering the injection system and damaging.

You have to control the speed, since circular engine below 2,000 rpm and accelerate without downshifting can cause several problems in the short term. Mainly, more soot is generated in combustion, shortening the life of the EGR valve catalyst, suffering more the engine and causing wear and vibration.

Finally, you should avoid the use of biodiesel as it contains more moisture than diesel, a fact that may even cause damage to the injection system.


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