Pump water heaters is an extremely important component of the cooling system for any car. Its malfunction leads to permanent damage of the engine due to excessive heat which will deform the metal parts inside, especially if they are made of aluminum. If temperature indicator shows an increase of it due to leaks in the radiator, including water pump failure, immediate check is required.

Checking water pump

Depending on the manufacturer and model of the car, water pump is located in front of the engine close to the fan. The rule is a system driven by a belt that pumps coolant into the engine to maintain its operating temperature. Check water pump if:

  • an unusual noise occurs during normal operation of the engine
  • engine overheating occurs and no leaks are obvious.

Water pump should be checked because it could no longer function properly. This component does not need to be changed regularly, but if a problem occurs, changing the water pump is the only way to return to normal operating conditions.

Engine overheating

If the engine overheats, try to:

  • Park the car in a safe place WITHOUT STOPING THE ENGINE
  • Raise the hood and let it cool
  • Check for leaks and fan operation
  • You must be very careful when making however, because extreme heat makes many of the engine components to be very hot. Under no circumstances open the radiator cap to check the fluid level. Checking coolant tank is the safest way to check the condition and fluid level.

Engine overheating can be caused by many factors, but if the car is older than 5 years, then the culprit could be water pump. Loss of coolant and water around the pump are an indication that it should be changed. When in doubt, go to a mechanic for immediate verification system.


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