Nowadays, private car became a family member or even a faithful servant. He has an important role in our lives: our children go to school, helps us go to work, and accompanies us in weekend’s walks and vacations.

1) We wake up in the morning and greet the people with whom we live.

Much the same way we proceed with the car: it is extremely helpful that the greeting of “good morning” to mean that we are addressing a ride around it. Thus, we make a visual check and can see if tires are inflated if the trunk and doors are closed.

It is true that most models are equipped with sensors of all sorts, but they can be fooled by that door is just close to the body and, anyway, it can cause damage. Even asphalt under the car can provide interesting information. A spot under the car may mean that mechanic that changed the oil yesterday hasn’t tight well the oil cap or when I parked on a curb and I’ve broken radiator. Or maybe a serial killer cut the brakes line…

And if we see that one of the wheels sit less artistically inclined relative to the plane, could mean a malfunction in the steering system or to indicate that the tires studs are not tight.

2) To check the oil, windshield washer fluid and coolant, if the car is equipped with this type of cooling is recommended lifting the bonnet. Even if we do not do this every morning, at least twice a month or when a longer way to go, it’s still necessary to check car fluids. No matter how efficient the car’s sensor on board oil does not come only when the situation is critical. Even on a sunny morning we could see a troublesome spot in our sight radius: starting the wipers without washer fluid, we only managed to stretch dust and scratch windshield.

3) Washing the car is extremely important. Its accuracy depends on the life of car parts. The operation is not only to shine the upper parts of the body, but to be removed mud and dirt from the wheels and on the lower parts. Even though not visible, the thresholds, the installation of exhaust, chassis and underbody area filled with a collection of particles of salt, calcium chloride, acids, producing damage, rust, etc. These particles must be removed using a water hose.

4) Changing the fluid term that relies on the proper functioning of the car is very important. The manufacturer gives precise indications to be respected.

Most cars use coolants water based. In October we recommend checking the density of antifreeze cooling equipment. Changing the coolant is regular maintenance as recommended in the manual, but when it does not have the proper density of the cold season. Failure to comply leads to impaired motor irreversible.

Engine oil and oil filter should be changed after a certain number of kilometers or after a certain period of time (even if it was not specifying the number of kilometers traveled). The manufacturer also indicates in the book for use when replacing fluids necessary for the operation: brake fluid, gear oil, power steering and power braking fluid (if applicable), etc. In each of these cases, technical characteristics must be observed indicated by the manufacturer.

5) Conducting periodical technical inspection is also necessary, but mandatory under law. It targets vehicle identification, proper functioning of the steering system and the brakes, emission compliance and appearance. For personal vehicle, it is two years.

6) The replacement of parts is made as described in the manual, but occasionally. For example, when it is found that a bulb stops working, it must be replaced immediately. And if the drive belt or distribution is not replaced at the mileage indicated, the effects can be not only uncomfortable, but also irreversible.

7) The replacement tire is made twice a year, usually in October and March. Switching to winter tires when the temperature is – frequently – around + 5 ° C. On asphalt cold summer tires no longer behave as we wish. It is important to know that when tires are removed from the rim, they could be damaged no matter how much care who would execute the work. Therefore it is better to buy new rims and, then buying winter tires. Also, when low frequently exceed this temperature, switching to summer tires is a good idea.

The way we handle our personal safety depends car, family and other participants. Normally, any rattle or any weird should lead us to visit the service for corrective action.


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