Although we all know as antifreeze, you need to know the name of this liquid is coolant, since its main function is to cool the engine. Likewise, it also functions as prevent freezing of this circuit to extreme temperatures, hence to be known as antifreeze. This is a key element in the engine of our vehicle, so you should know how to change the antifreeze liquid car and perform proper maintenance.

First, note that there is no exact periodicity to replace the coolant in your vehicle, but the need for it, since this loses its properties over time. Thus, usually tends to change the antifreeze every 2 years or every 40,000 km, ensuring their conservation in perfect condition.

Also in the manual for your vehicle type antifreeze that must be used for proper operation appears. Also fit to consider the temperature of the region where you live to choose the right antifreeze:

  • 10% antifreeze: cash to -5 ° C.
  • 20% antifreeze: it works correctly until -11 º C.
  • 30% antifreeze: for temperatures down to 18 º C.
  • 50% antifreeze: antifreeze durable and suitable to -37 º C.

The first thing you must do to change the antifreeze in your car will completely empty the refrigerant circuit to remove all the old fluid; you probably have lost their properties. Whenever the engine is cold, you should open the cooling system-by a screw mechanism to tap or use your car, and let it drain completely.

Likewise, we recommend that you wash with a pressure -with a hose for example, to clean the cooling system, while maintaining the drain plug removed to allow the water to exit. In case you have to purge valve, you should also make use of them.

Then close the drain plug or screw and start filling with antifreeze tank your vehicle. Markings find minimum and maximum values ​​you indicate one of whom shall be the coolant.


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