The maintenance of the interior of the car to get it clean as far as possible is a task that should not be underestimated, since the end of the day we spent many hours in our car and if someone we can leave a bad impression if we are not careful with the cleaning.

The first task you have to do is empty the car completely, including the ashtray and then spend a vacuum, so the soil, removing mats, such as the dashboard and the seats.

Once this is done, and we can move on to clean thoroughly the dashboard. We use either a cleaning fluid have previously bought or prepare ourselves based water, soap and a little ammonia. Use a cloth and we must not forget the steering wheel and the inside of the doors and the rear seats.

Then, we can now move to the area of the upholstery. Only necessary if we see that after vacuuming, there is some stain to remove it. To do this, we can use some spray to find at any retail store. Need a brush to rub.

Now it cleans mats or mats that are prepared before being returned to your site. To do this, first we have to do is shake them hard to remove dust. Then it is best to use a brush and the same solution that we clean the dashboard. When they are dry, then we put in place.

To eliminate undesirable odors, the most common is usually that of snuff, we can use a very efficient remedy as placing a few grains of lavender in the ashtray, which will help maintain a pleasant environment inside our car. Besides can follow other advice we give you in this article.

And if the goal is to acclimatize the car in general, learn how to remove odors for clean feeling lasts longer.


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