When performing the oil change, we are avoiding the wear of internal engine parts, extending their optimal conditions.

No need to be an expert on the complex auto mechanics to conclude that the engine is the main and most important element in the system of a car. For this reason, special emphasis must be placed on its maintenance.

One of the most essential ways to provide effective engine maintenance, ensuring proper operation while prolong its life, is through oil change.

When we do this, we are avoiding the wear of the internal parts of the engine, preserving its optimum conditions. But how do you make an oil change?

To begin with, it is recommended that, in an average-use car, the oil change should be performed every 5,000 or 10,000 kilometers or its equivalent in time.

That said, before you begin an adventure make an oil change, we must ensure that a couple of conditions are met. The first one is that the car should be stopped and the engine still warm. The second is that it must be on a flat surface.

Once we meet these minimums, we must follow the following table:

Move to the bottom of the engine crankcase, where the oil drain plug is located, which must be removed.

  • After that, remove the filling cap by turning it anticlockwise.
  • At this point, we need to replace the oil filter with a new one, for what we have previously greased gasket with engine oil.
  • Immediately after this action, we press the new filter so that it is put well in its place.
  • When the gasket touches the base of the support, press it again with ¾ of the original force.
  • After this action, we wait an average of 10 minutes until all the old oil has drained and in that moment, we put the plug back in its place.
  • Finally, put the amount of new oil recommended by the manufacturer of the car and close the lid.

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