Among the advantages of a mark on the engine of its models car it is often mentioned these acronyms. You know what they mean with MPFI?

The use of MPFI system, or Multiport Electronic Fuel Injection System, is widespread among the wide variety of brands. And while his career is long, it has quite evolved from improving its electronic components, which must accuracy and efficiency that characterizes the engines that use it .

This gasoline injection system came to replace back in the 90s to engines depended on the carburetor to move fuel from the fuel tank to the combustion chamber of the engine. The innovation in this technology is summarized in the use of injectors, replacing the carburetor, and electronic sensors.

In principle, the need for the injectors is that required a fuel injection system that distributes a better mixture of fuel and oxygen in the intake chamber of the engine, so as not to waste fuel or contaminated in excess.

Like any system of electronic fuel injection (the benefit) is basically save fuel. (Then there is) controlling emissions. As will inject less fuel, or necessary, there will be fewer CO2 leaving the exhaust tube. It means that the mixture entering is required to burn.

The benefits of MPFI would not be such without specific devices that absorb, regulate and manage fuel. We can say that there are basically five elementary “organs” of this injection system.

We firstly to the injectors , of whom we have already spoken lines back and can only add that provide a cone – shaped spray once is electronically driven. In addition, for each cylinder, there is an injector.

Another is the nozzle rail, where these devices are located, and is mounted in the lower section of the intake manifold. This enables the rail fuel is uniformly distributed in each cylinder at a predetermined pressure by a regulator.

The pressure regulator, another important element of the MPFI, can be placed on the nozzle rail. Thanks to it, the pressure with which the fuel enters the injectors is kept constant and the proportion that is left over during the operation can be reused.

And the two missing components are the fuel pump and the fuel filter. The first pumps the amount of gasoline needed from the tank through a powered by electric current and the second component serves to protect the system from dirt, rust or scale that could damage the injector’s rotor.


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