The work of maintaining an ideal temperature for the engine rests with the radiator, but what happens when you miscarry? Is it good to repair or change it?

Every system needs its components to be ‘healthy’ and operational so that it can work. For example, the engine of a car and what is around you. It is no secret that this fundamental piece in the mechanics of a vehicle produces high temperatures, but that’s where comes to carving the radiator, which is responsible for maintaining an optimum temperature for the engine to work smoothly.

Let’s go in pieces! The first thing to know is the function of the cooling system, what it does. The cooling system constantly evacuates the heat produced by the engine, keeping it at a suitable temperature. As we know, the engine working areas at high temperatures are surrounded by ducts which circulate the coolant; it is driven by the water pump and finally reaches the radiator, removing the heat produced by the engine.

What if there were systems that evacuate the heat from the engine? As there would be serious complications and serious problems for the engine of our vehicle such as: head gasket blowing, cylinder head arcing or, worse still, dilation of the metals or rings until they lose their shape, causing wear and, in extreme cases, that Are melted or welded together.

This would certainly bring with it a tremendous expense and a ‘pain in the pocket’ for the cost of engine repair. For that reason, we must consider that one of the most important components of the cooling system is the radiator.

The radiator is a piece of very important because this keeps the engine ideal temperature, so that it can develop its optimum power. Many of the engine overheating problems are caused by poor radiator status (or poor engine quality), resulting in loss of coolant.

Moreover, against this drawback, some opted to repair the radiator, and change the plastic tubs for a bronze, welding the honeycomb where leakage occurs, etc., believing that doing so will save money. But we are wrong: the best thing is to change the radiator for a new one, since these types of parts have been manufactured for a single life; That is, they are disposable and no repairable parts as some people may believe.


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