Prevents malfunction and keep in optimum conditions the system of air conditioning in your car longer.

As mentioned above, the maintenance of the air conditioning system (AA) should be constant and effective to achieve greater durability and good performance of it, especially during the hottest months of the year is when its use is indispensable.

So in order to clear some doubts that remain about how to deal with the problems that arise due to use- and in some cases not use- the air conditioning in your car , we show you some of the cases presented in a more Frequent and how to solve them in a practical and simple way.

“The air conditioning does not turn on”

It is the most common case, although the most difficult to solve, because there are many reasons ranging from not pressing the correct buttons – it happens to some – until the pressure switch is broken or the capacitor is inoperative.

To find the source of the problem we must start by looking at the rifle and looking for a burnt rifle. You should not have problems to find it since the cover usually indicates this information. Check it and change it if necessary. If the still air conditioning does not work try some of these suggestions:

  • Check the condition of the condenser and look for signs of deterioration.
  • Check that the compressors are well lubricated.
  • Check if there is absence of fluid in the system.

“The air conditioning does not cool almost anything”

If the system turns on properly, but even at full power the cooling is little or no chances are there is an oil leak, broken or faulty fan component and would be best to take it to the mechanic to check .

 “The air conditioning warms up instead of cooling”

The dirt must have invaded the condenser and cause the compressors to overheat, expelling hot air instead of cold. Make a thorough cleaning of the system and make sure nothing interrupts the flow of refrigerant.

“Do I have to turn on the air conditioning in winter?”

Even if it sounds incredible, the answer is yes. It is advisable that even in the colder months, the air conditioning is turned on for 2 or 3 minutes to prevent the system from malfunctioning due to lack of use.


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