Most drivers were faced with situations where they had to replace a fuse in the car because it was burned. It often happens that some fuses to burn, but even after all this is their role, right? When passing through a circuit too much electricity, the fuse burns to prevent further damage or fire worse. Car fuses are very cheap and easy to replace. You can keep even a few fuses in the proper place on the control panel door of the car fuses. If the fuse is not provided with such a place of storage, you can store a set of fuses even in the glove compartment or trunk compartment tools.

Replacing a burned fuse – identification

To change a fuse, first you have to identify where the fuse box in your car. On Just browse the car technical manual to find the least. Most cars have fuses panel located on the driver side, at the bottom left of the dashboard somewhere under the steering wheel. Other models fuse panel can be located under the hood. Place varies from machine to machine.

To replace the blown fuse, you must remove the dashboard cover, where you will find several types of fuses with codes and colors. These colors with numbers stamped on them, indicating different values ​​of amperage. Usually on the back door you will find an array of fuses that can diagram indicating the role that each fuses and electrical components use these fuses.

Removal of burnt safety

Before you can change a fuse, you need to identify the one burned. This will have a broken filament (thin strip of metal inside the fuse) or will be black interior. Some cars are equipped with special devices to extract fuses, but you can do it just as well by hand or with tweezers. Note that the car’s electrical problems that caused the fuse can be serious and you may need the assistance of an auto electrician if replaced will certainly burn again.

Fuse replacement

Once identified blown fuse, it must be replaced with a new one that would have the same amperage. Always use a fuse of the same amperage and the same color to not make mistakes. If you replace the blown fuse with another amperage wrong, you can cause a more serious malfunction in the car. Once you have identified the correct amperage and that is definitely, definitely place us in the slot left empty after extracting old safety.

Simple press it with your finger to make sure it is installed properly, then put in place the fuse panel cover. Keep in mind that if you have a safe at your fingertips, you can temporarily use an identical security at a less electrical component used. For instance, if the amperage is the same, you can use a safety outlet, the light from the cigarette lighter, radio or rear window defrosting system.

Check circuit

Once safety has been replaced and the fuse box cover is in place, you can put ignition of the car to see if the circuit is working properly. If the answer is affirmative, it means that definitely was burned only due to a temporary overload of the electrical system. If the circuit is not working properly or new fuse will be burned again, you may have a more serious problem requiring the attention of a specialist.


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