Sometimes we have some difficulty to get a change, something that could be associated with the springs of the clutch are bent.

We not always buy a car with mechanical transmission because it seems that system better, but because they are less expensive or because maintenance is cheaper. However, once it made the purchase, it is necessary to become familiar with its operation and parts of its mechanism, besides knowing why their good condition is very important for the progress of our vehicle.

Whatever the clutch system that uses our car, the owner of an auto mechanic has to know, first, that this “body” of the car is necessary to interrupt the transmission of mechanical energy that gives the engine to the wheels. In turn, this is necessary to be able to make the changes, since the engine provides strength, but not speed – which is the task of the gearbox.

However, prolonged use of our clutch system makes the constituent discs wear away and our transmission becomes less and less efficient. You might even feel the shifter harder than usual or noises occur in the mechanism.

The point is that every time we push the clutch, its discs are subjected to high temperatures and a lot of friction, so that wear and tear is guaranteed sooner or later. Often, due to the excessive use of this pedal or for an extended time – when no change is made – it further shortens the life of that system.

Most problems associated malfunction of the mechanism in question are usually some difficulty to get a change, strange noises, a clutch skidding, jitter (or shaking) and hardness in the clutch pedal. Each of these drawbacks is related to wear or misplacement of a specific part of the system.

For example, associated with problems to get a change may be slippage between the engine and transmission ; A deformed or worn clutch cable, fork, or ball; Bent clutch springs; Damaged drive system joints; Among other reasons.

Also, before excess movement or camera shake it could be that the spring clutch is bent or broken; that the (clutch) pastes are contaminated with oil or grease; that the sequence of its screwing is incorrect; or that there is excessive wear or lubrication in the grooving of the control shaft.

Apart from these mechanical inconveniences and the proper maintenance that we must give our clutch system, it is also important to know how to choose a good quality. This will be determined by the material with which it has been manufactured, the precision with which its parts are coupled and, of course, the prestige of the brand that developed its mechanism.


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