By maintaining the engine of a car will you retain the value and safety? Ideally owner must follow the maintenance schedule recommended by the manufacturer as much as possible.

Among the consequences of this neglect we can remember:

Abandoning the car

Some of the cheapest and the most important parts can break down. If the alternator belt or hose coolant breaks, you will have to abandon your car at a considerable distance from home, resulting in a lot of fees and inconveniences.


Unchanging parts problem can lead, in the worst cases of loss of life. For example, tires ago lost their grip wear can cause accidents during rainy days.

Shorten the life of the vehicle

Oil-alteration can cause a lot of inconvenience, eventually causing engine failure.

The poor performance

An engine whose ignition is set well will have a better acceleration than an engine whose cylinders are not seated properly.

Fuel economy

If you forget to do certain checks fuel economy will be affected. Replacing spark plugs, ignition wires and properly inflating tires will save fuel.

The price decrease for sale

Using wax will give the car a shiny appearance. Aspiring and cleaning the car interior will give them a new look. When a potential buyer is inspecting the car, its appearance can do to provide more money.

Warranty canceled

An owner who does not respect her car’s maintenance schedule may void the warranty. The contract could dictate owner to agree with oil changes and other maintenance works or retina is guarantee.


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