Aircraft mechanics help keep the skies safe. The same is true for those who work as military aircraft mechanics. They keep the pilots of our nation safe, providing maintenance and repair services for the various branches of the armed forces in combat aircraft, cargo planes and other types of military air transport. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) indicated that some of the 16,940 aircraft mechanics were employed by the federal government in 2010. The salaries of these mechanisms were generally higher than the national average wage for all aircraft mechanics.

Average salary

Aircraft mechanics employed by the federal government earned an average salary of $ 55,730 per year in 2010, according to the BLS. The office indicates that the average salary of all mechanic aircraft personnel throughout the country was lower. Nationwide, aircraft mechanics earned an average salary of $ 53,280 per year in 2010, with the largest group working in regular air transport. These mechanics earned slightly more than the military mechanics with an average of $ 56,570.

Wage scale

Placing the salary of military aircraft mechanics within the largest salary scale of all mechanics nationwide can provide additional context. According to the BLS, the salary of the aircraft mechanic tends to range from US $ 33,630 to US $ 72,250 per year in May 2010. In the middle of the salary scale were those who earned an average salary of US $ 53,420, with an average of 50 percent earned between $ 43,660 and $ 62,280 on an annual basis.

Experience and promotion

The experience also provides some indication of what the military mechanic can expect to do, especially what the mechanic is promoted through the different stages of the salary scale established by the military. Job offers on indicate that mechanics of qualified military aircraft enter the WG-08 and WG-10 levels. This means that they have no experience or promotion of aviation mechanic can generally expect to earn between US $ 37,631 and US $ 45,771 a year, as of 2011.

Two of the job postings indicate that promotion to the WG-12 category is possible, which leads to a salary of US $ 60,274. Ten different payment steps are possible in each of these grades, however and are usually obtained as a result of experience. The possible salary for the WG-08 level range is US $ 37,631 to US $ 48,917, while in WG-10 they can earn from US $ 45,771 to US $ 59,505. In the WG-12 range, aircraft mechanics can earn from $ 60,274 to $ 78,355 per year.


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