Although most activities within a race does not need an accessory for tailpipe, to diminish the sound of cars performing some races or competitions require the cars to have this accessory, to CONFORMITY local regulations regarding noise pollution. Although all this affects accessories horsepower and torque, there are some basic tips that will help you to choose such an accessory, suitable for every event.


Dispersive use silencers perforated tubes, which are lined with a material that absorbs noise. It absorbs and disperses the exhaust noise.

Reactive silencers multiple rooms have special shapes, to direct and reflected sound from the end silencer to the source, resulting in their reduction.

Silencers combined using a reagent design with dispersive features to reduce noise. All three types effectively reduce noise and allow the free flow of exhaust gases, while it can be properly mounted on the exhaust pipe.


The shock absorbers have greater power greater noise reduction. They can support more noise absorbing material and have a larger area in which to redirect noise, allowing them to absorb more energy.


Absorbers made of steel or mixtures of metals are susceptible to rust and deteriorate quite quickly, given the decreasing performance. Those made of stainless steel resistant to rust and corrosion and are more resistant. Also, the stainless steel look more pleasant the entire lifespan.

Noise vs performance

More noise does not necessarily mean more performance. Reducing noise and construction materials damper on performance when your ability to remove gases. Better and better construction materials will reduce noise, while fewer restrictions due to the design will improve performance.


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