Many drivers have doubts about what type of fluid they should use on their car for a proper cooling. They wonder if they can use even tap water mixed with coolant and how often should they change it.

Learn more about this important topic in your vehicle.

Water Vs Coolant

The coolant has antioxidant properties and boiling points higher than water, helping the cooling system to work efficiently. Therefore it is not advisable to provide water or mixtures of water and coolant. Only be given fluid recommended by the manufacturer.

Otherwise, when using water in the cooling system of a vehicle, can generate particles that can clog the flow system and exposed to excessive pressures and temperatures. It is advisable to permanent and exclusive use of coolant.

While the coolant is more effective in fulfilling its function, it can cause damage to the cooling system if the vehicle has used water for a long time. If you use water on the vehicle, you must perform a complete check of your vehicle to see if it is appropriate to make the change. Take advice before making this change in your vehicle Take advice before making this change in your vehicle.

The manufacturer’s instructions that come with your car in the vehicle owner’s manual specify what type of fluid is to be used. Usually, the coolant should be used only in cars that use it from the factory. The reason is that this compound, which can clean the ducts through which it passes, can also release fragments of rust from metal parts on the vehicles that previously used water, which subsequently blocks the flow or breaks soft elements in motor as their hoses.

Therefore, it is best to just follow what your car using factory uses. If this is less than 10 years of construction, is likely to use coolant.

For more information, see this information in your vehicle owner’s manual.

Can they be mixed?

Yes, but only in case of an emergency (for example, beached on road ). complete it okay coolant tank and mix it with plain water, but only if necessary.

Keys to keep optimum

The coolant lasts about 20 thousand kilometers, during which the level should vary very little, because it does not evaporate but continues flowing through the engine until its properties begin to decay.

If you notice in a month or less visible variation in the liquid level, most likely you have a leak in the engine or outside and you must repair it as soon as possible, because a warming may seriously damage your vehicle.

Many coolants come in visible colors like green, red or blue, so that in case there is a leak, you can easily track it once this fall to the floor. The recommendation does not change the type of coolant you use, it can cause damage to the vehicle engine and the cooling system. Consult an expert before making this change.

Remember that you can also leak into the engine that will never come to be seen on the ground where you park your vehicle and you can only notice it when you see a decrease in the fluid reservoir using your vehicle.

The data

In a city 1,500 meters above sea level, water boils at 98 degrees Celsius, while the coolant does a 130. Thus almost all new cars use the latter. The higher is the city with respect to sea level, the faster you will be boiling the liquid.

To see more of the liquid to use your vehicle, and you are assured of the Global Auto Plan, you can go to the car service centers Sura for an expert you clarify any doubts you have about the topic.


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