For aesthetic functions or also to cover small scratches, the change of color of the car is a good choice. We know that this is a difficult process to do if we want to be good, so it is best that we leave it in the hands of specialists if we’re not sure. In addition, we report the change to DGT and our insurance company.

We begin cleaning the car thoroughly, especially outside, removing all dirt that may have been embedded in the paint, but also inside.

Then what we do to change the color of the car is to dismantle the parts that will paint separately or need not be colored. Basically, it’s lights, license plates, bumper and trunk lid.

Advantage that we will change the color of the car; we will review the small scratches that may be on the body.

Then we have to do is cover with plastic car windows, wheels and other parts of the body do not want to paint. With these plastic tape will hold it. Before you begin painting, we will review everything has been properly protected.

Then begins the process of painting the car, which should be conducted on a suitable gun. The person who will give the new color to the vehicle must be properly protected with gloves, mask to avoid inhaling toxic and glasses.

Once painted and dried a body, we will paint the pieces apart and we need, basically the trunk lid and some other small piece that will vary depending on the model of our car.

When everything is dry, we removed the protective plastic and put the pieces that had been dismantled. We must not forget to inform the Directorate General of Traffic the color change of our car and our insurance company.


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