• The necessity of petrol injection systems

    Gasoline injection has its beginnings in the years 1898-1901, when the company Deutz uses first injection systems for gasoline engines range. The system is then adopted by aircraft manufacturers, who apply between 1906-1910 airplane engines Antoinette and Wright, then the […]

  • The importance of checking oil

    Periodically check the oil in the car, can help us in traffic. This is an essential task of the process of maintenance of the car. If the oil level is not properly, your engine is subjected to unwanted stress and […]

  • The Disadvantages of Being an Automobile Mechanic

    Car mechanics work on vehicles that need service due to daily wear or that have been involved in a collision. There is never a shortage of work for the mechanic as there may be in other jobs, and the mechanic’s […]

  • The cooling liquid, cooling system maintenance

    The cooling system is filled with a coolant of 40% water and cooling additive. This mixture not only provides necessary protection from freezing -25 degrees C up to but protects, above all, light metal components in the cooling system against […]

  • The consequences of ignoring the maintenance works of the engine

    By maintaining the engine of a car will you retain the value and safety? Ideally owner must follow the maintenance schedule recommended by the manufacturer as much as possible. Among the consequences of this neglect we can remember: Abandoning the […]

  • Spring maintenance for your car

    Put your car ready for road trips with these easy-to-carry services With the arrival of spring, many drivers take the opportunity to make road trips more often, due to better weather conditions and road; so it’s a good idea to […]

  • Replacement of fuses in a car

    Most drivers were faced with situations where they had to replace a fuse in the car because it was burned. It often happens that some fuses to burn, but even after all this is their role, right? When passing through […]

  • Practical guide to solving your problems with air conditioning

    Prevents malfunction and keep in optimum conditions the system of air conditioning in your car longer. As mentioned above, the maintenance of the air conditioning system (AA) should be constant and effective to achieve greater durability and good performance of […]

  • The ABC of the suspension of a vehicle

    Of the systems that have modern vehicles, perhaps one of the most important is the suspension, it has several functions that make it possible and comfortable driving them. Get to know what a vehicle suspension system is all about and […]

  • Overheating problems in your car?

    The work of maintaining an ideal temperature for the engine rests with the radiator, but what happens when you miscarry? Is it good to repair or change it? Every system needs its components to be ‘healthy’ and operational so that […]


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