• Radiator: importance and problems within the refrigeration system

    Loss of liquid due to rupture and accumulation of tartar and rust due to bad refrigerant are problems related to this important element of the car. One of the most important auto parts for the good mechanical operation of a […]

  • The clutch system: the most common problems and their reasons

    Sometimes we have some difficulty to get a change, something that could be associated with the springs of the clutch are bent. We not always buy a car with mechanical transmission because it seems that system better, but because they […]

  • Is it better to inflate your car tires with air or nitrogen?

    The discussion is there: it is better to inflate the tires of a vehicle with air or nitrogen? When one of the tires in your car needs air, you probably do not think about it, but you go directly to […]

  • Inspections of the car before traveling by road

    Checking your car before traveling on the road will help you avoid discomfort, security risks and unplanned expenses. During the summer holidays many people take the opportunity to go out with their family on a road trip using their own […]

  • How to efficiently perform the engine oil change of the car?

    When performing the oil change, we are avoiding the wear of internal engine parts, extending their optimal conditions. No need to be an expert on the complex auto mechanics to conclude that the engine is the main and most important […]

  • How to care for your car

    Nowadays, private car became a family member or even a faithful servant. He has an important role in our lives: our children go to school, helps us go to work, and accompanies us in weekend’s walks and vacations. 1) We […]

  • How has recovered a car battery

    Learn how to recover your car battery through our proposed techniques Nothing upsets us more when we are pressed for time and our hands stuffing does not start when the ignition key. Then try to start the radio, lights and […]

  • How can you tell if the water pump must be replaced

    Pump water heaters is an extremely important component of the cooling system for any car. Its malfunction leads to permanent damage of the engine due to excessive heat which will deform the metal parts inside, especially if they are made […]

  • General aspects of vehicle mechanics: Brakes

    The braking system has the following functions: reducing speeds ensure the vehicle stop any car you are in a gear and brakes can keep it in place, if needed. The main brake (hydraulic) Ordered via the brake pedal, it acts […]

  • Exhaust system: performance and importance in the car

    It is necessary to know this device thoroughly because the car depends largely on it to control the gases it emits after combustion. The exhaust system is an essential part of the car because performs two vital functions: expels hazardous […]


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