• Vehicle maintenance: Troubleshooting car battery

    Debugging, maintenance and maintenance car battery Avoiding risks of sparks Ensure that consumers are disconnected before reconnecting disconnection or car battery. When charging, stop the charger before connecting or disconnecting the battery. Do not put metal objects on the battery […]

  • Tips for tailpipes silencers

    Although most activities within a race does not need an accessory for tailpipe, to diminish the sound of cars performing some races or competitions require the cars to have this accessory, to CONFORMITY local regulations regarding noise pollution. Although all […]

  • Tips for maintenance of automotive spark plugs

    Spark plugs are a valuable element to diagnose engine operation. Therefore, after dismantling the cylinder head, spark plugs must be examined carefully when the engine worked perfectly, ceramic insulator tip takes on a reddish-brown coloration, the electrodes were gray and […]

  • The supply to the injection engine

    The electromagnetic injector in an injection engine (gas)   The injector is to inject fuel in a state sprayed with fine uniform droplets in the combustion chamber. Engine with direct injection requires a more uniform distribution of the fuel jet, […]

  • The salary of an aircraft mechanic for military forces

    Aircraft mechanics help keep the skies safe. The same is true for those who work as military aircraft mechanics. They keep the pilots of our nation safe, providing maintenance and repair services for the various branches of the armed forces […]

  • The power supply to the carburetor

    The carburetor fuel tank used for storing a level of fuel (petrol or diesel), providing a path of 300-600 km. Capacity is it for 40-60 cars and trucks it to 150-200 (500-800 l for diesel). Is made of sheet steel, […]

  • The Positive Ventilation of the Carter and its ecological contribution

    Also known as PCV controlled by a valve the air-fuel inside the engine balance and ensures proper lubrication. To understand what the Positive Crankcase Ventilation (PCV), it is necessary to know first what the crankcase and what important operations occur […]

  • The necessity of petrol injection systems

    Gasoline injection has its beginnings in the years 1898-1901, when the company Deutz uses first injection systems for gasoline engines range. The system is then adopted by aircraft manufacturers, who apply between 1906-1910 airplane engines Antoinette and Wright, then the […]

  • The importance of checking oil

    Periodically check the oil in the car, can help us in traffic. This is an essential task of the process of maintenance of the car. If the oil level is not properly, your engine is subjected to unwanted stress and […]

  • The Disadvantages of Being an Automobile Mechanic

    Car mechanics work on vehicles that need service due to daily wear or that have been involved in a collision. There is never a shortage of work for the mechanic as there may be in other jobs, and the mechanic’s […]


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