• Objective: To maintain your vehicle

    For car maintenance, undoubtedly one of the most important aspects to increase the lifespan of a car is preventive maintenance. The change oil and filters is equivalent to exercise and eat healthily. You should check these: Engine oil: Check every […]

  • MPFI: what is it and what does it contribute to a car?

    Among the advantages of a mark on the engine of its models car it is often mentioned these acronyms. You know what they mean with MPFI? The use of MPFI system, or Multiport Electronic Fuel Injection System, is widespread among […]

  • The clutch does not trip

    Failure is manifested in that the crankshaft does not disengages the transmission from trying to change the speed and is accompanied by a loud noise, especially when trying coupling speed first, and due to the existence of a race free […]

  • McPherson Suspension

    McPherson independent suspension system is one of the most used in the front but can also be mounted on the rear. This system is one of the simplest independent suspension designs and most used in the steering wheels, for its […]

  • Lubricant warfare: Is mineral oil better?

    Here’s a heads up with the main advantages of each one and so choose the most suitable for your car. We know that you always had the doubt as you walked to the tap to buy the oil that your […]

  • Learn when it’s time to replace your car’s shock absorbers

    Shock absorbers and suspension springs are components of a car whose role is to absorb shocks caused by potholes or bumps so that the vehicle can run as smoothly as possible. Today we can find cars mounted on shock absorbers […]

  • Learn to protect the engine of your 4×4

    Proceeds from bumps and drops, the chassis of a 4×4 can suffer harm as well as cracks. Internally, the engine may start having failures that may impair their operation. Here some measures for your care. One point that many do […]

  • Keys to keeping your car safe every day

    Your dream is to keep your car in the best condition. Whether you are using new or take months or years, this becomes an inseparable companion deserves the best care. A car is synonymous with quality of life and represents […]

  • Radiator: importance and problems within the refrigeration system

    Loss of liquid due to rupture and accumulation of tartar and rust due to bad refrigerant are problems related to this important element of the car. One of the most important auto parts for the good mechanical operation of a […]

  • The clutch system: the most common problems and their reasons

    Sometimes we have some difficulty to get a change, something that could be associated with the springs of the clutch are bent. We not always buy a car with mechanical transmission because it seems that system better, but because they […]


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