Car mechanics work on vehicles that need service due to daily wear or that have been involved in a collision. There is never a shortage of work for the mechanic as there may be in other jobs, and the mechanic’s job is a respected job that requires training and a good salary. The daily challenges of the different types of cars that arrive at the workshop make the work interesting and intense, but it has some disadvantages.

Various Cars

No car is the same as another. Each car has different specifications and different configurations. Differences between vehicles can make it difficult to work on different cars. Many workshops specialize in a specific brand or region of the vehicle to help avoid confusion and speed up repair times. The mechanic may need to attend classes to be informed about changes in the automotive industry.

Annoying customers

Most customers do not know what’s wrong with their vehicle. You can easily think that something that has a complex solution should be easy and can get angry when faced with an expensive account. Customers can also expect their vehicle to be repaired as fast as possible and be bothered when told that the vehicle will not be ready when they want.

Physical stress

Many of the components of the car are very heavy. This can make it difficult to remove and install the different parts. Many cars are not built so they can be easily disassembled, which means that it takes a lot of physical strength to dismantle the vehicle. Although there are elevators that elevate the vehicle to a more accessible level, mechanics may have to lean and work for long periods of time in uncomfortable posture.


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