Proceeds from bumps and drops, the chassis of a 4×4 can suffer harm as well as cracks. Internally, the engine may start having failures that may impair their operation. Here some measures for your care.

One point that many do not take into account is the continuous stopping of the vehicle. It is better to go at reduced speed, and avoid accelerating or slowing down repeatedly. The exception is the passage through land requirement (such as rock), where thanks to the types of traction of 4×4 suffering of the engine is lower.

As always, an ATV must go through a general check before and after a game on the off road. From the basic review of fluid levels (brakes, oil, coolant) such as steering, suspension, transmission, traction and ventilation and cooling system. If you have not changed the air filter in a long time, it is advisable to do so, as it is the first thing that can cause problems to the engine. Changing the fuel filter should be done periodically depending on the use.

Engine hoses may start failing if operation under constant heat conditions. Holes can be created that cause loss of coolant or oil, this would bring about a necessary change in engine components or even the need to purchase a new engine (depending on the intensity of the damage).

In the case of transit by a river or lake, it is not recommended to do so much depth (even if the level of the water is below the tires of the vehicle). Immersion may cause water to flow into the engine and stop running. To avoid these situations, a Snorkel is recommended. Through an opening in the front side of the car, a tube is attached to the outside that will raise the air intake to the engine, up to the level of the roof. This installation will prevent damage to the engine filters and not only reduce the risk of water ingress, also of dirt and dust.

It should not be forgotten that it is advisable to enter a river or lake, where possible do not cover all the tires with water. At the same time, it is recommended to enter the water with the engine cold, to avoid temperature shocks.

This care can mean an expense medium, but ultimately an investment for the optimum operation of the engine in a 4×4 all – terrain, especially if you plan to give off road use.


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