Shock absorbers and suspension springs are components of a car whose role is to absorb shocks caused by potholes or bumps so that the vehicle can run as smoothly as possible. Today we can find cars mounted on shock absorbers two types: simple or dampers with coil springs. In general, every car has four shock absorbers, one at each wheel. Most cars are equipped with shock absorbers with coil springs in the front and in the back bumpers simple.

Both simple dampers (telescopes) and spring dampers are components that require maintenance and replacement at some time. Normally dampers (telescopes) should not be replaced only when problems arise, or if you want to bring an improved suspension system of your car. The most common problem are oil leaks from the dampers. The shock absorbers are filled either with oil or gas, or a mixture of gas and oil. If during an technical inspection of your car the mechanic noticed that one of shock leaking, it must be replaced. Sometimes a damper may fail without showing visible signs of leaks.

What are the symptoms of a defective silencer? The main symptoms are represented by the departures of car balance immediately, braking or running over bumps. Often you can see that the car is swinging up and down like a boat on water. Most garages are fitted with equipment to test shock absorbers. During such a test, each of the corners of your car are pushed down and released quickly. Corner weakened the mounted shock absorber will swing down and up, while the mounted shock absorber corner, he will be much harder and more rigid.

Another common reason, due to which drivers are forced to change the dampers, occurs after a blow of curbs, potholes, bumps or in a car accident. In either case, the damper (telescope) it can bend without this defect is visible at a glance. Such a malfunction can be observed in a test for wheel alignment (geometry). If a shock is weak, the other three will be forced extra shock absorbers, which will lead to their premature failure.

It is good to change one silencer, or both? It is not mandatory to replace both shocks when one of them is faulty, but is recommended. Normally a new damper will behave differently than the old bumper. If you replace just one of shock absorbers, swings can see different in different parts of the car when you drive over bumps. However, if the car is not very old, replacing one damper may be sufficient. Also, if the coil springs are in good condition, they do not need replacing dampers change.

Costs for replacing a damper can start at 100 lei and can reach astronomical proportions, depending on the model chosen again. Soup replacement shock absorber is recommended to visit a workshop for wheel alignment. Wheel alignment is not a process that can be executed by anyone, anywhere. For such an operation is necessary professional equipment, which can be found only in authorized workshops.


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