Here’s a heads up with the main advantages of each one and so choose the most suitable for your car.

We know that you always had the doubt as you walked to the tap to buy the oil that your car you already claiming. What to do now? Which oil is the best? Which is the cheapest? Should I change the one I use?

And it is that even today many do not know the differences between these two types of lubricants, which remains alive the question of which one must choose to activate the machine. So, here we give you the ‘fixed’ to get the most out of your purchase.

Advantages of mineral oils:

  • They are cheaper compared to synthetics even costing even a third of its price.
  • They are the oldest and most reliable and they arrive to yield an average of 5 to 7 thousand kilometers of route approximately.
  • They are suitable for those cars assembled before 1994 as these do not have a motor ready to run with synthetic oils.
  • If ever you used this oil to the car and never had problems, we recommend you keep using.

Advantages of synthetic oils:

  • Among its components are special additives that will enhance engine performance.
  • They arrive to yield an average of 12 to 14 thousand kilometers of route whenever it is applied correctly and in the right measure.
  • They extend the life of the engine more than the mineral oils.
  • They resist better pressure and high temperatures so it takes a long time to decompose.

As you will see, the decision will depend very much on the type of car you have, the price you are willing to pay and also the results you want to obtain in the short and medium term. Remember also that as important as choosing the oil for your vehicle is to change and maintaining the right way. Good luck with the oil!


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