Many people are asking the same question every time they go to put gas in their car “should I put gas stream or king?”

And the fuel is one of the major headaches of American drivers: almost every month support increased on gasoline throughout the national territory, which makes you wonder if it would be better to change the type of fuel you put your car so save a few dollars.

But truthfully, this saving can be fatal to the engine and its operation if you don’t know what type of fuel you put in your car to your specifications and the role of additives in engine performance.

Gasoline? Extra or stream?

To find out if you throw your extra or regular gasoline car, you must know the compression ratio of the engine of your car, that is, the ratio of volumes within each of the cylinders of the engine and its ability to compress the mixture.

Some engines have a compression ratio between 7:1 to 9.5: 1. These engines can use a low octane gasoline, ie, regular gasoline. Engines with a ratio of greater than 9.5:1 understanding must use premium gasoline.

The difference between the extra and regular gasoline is octane, which is the ability of having the gas to be compressed before combusting. In US, regular gasoline has an octane rating of 87, and 92 extra gasoline.

The only way to know what kind of fuel you need your car is at the vehicle owner, where are listed all the specifications of your vehicle’s engine manual.

The truth is that if your car requires premium gasoline, only you put this type of fuel, because if you put regular gasoline can damage the engine note jingle or double flame front, which means the fuel begins to exploit before the spark plug send. If your car uses regular gasoline and you put extra, is more likely to fail the calorific power of this petrol because the ignition occurs in ideal conditions of temperature and pressure. Therefore, fuel efficiency can be increased with a higher octane gasoline and better mileage performance will have.

The role of the additives

In many service stations products that promise to increase the octane rating of gasoline, and avoid Jingle engine and offered clean injectors. Well, other additives can clean and reduce ratting, but not by increasing the octane gasoline but by delaying the ignition of the spark. But, in return, in the medium and long term can damage the motor to become a rubber that by adhering to the walls thereof may cause irreversible damage to the engine.

The best way to take care of your vehicle, is to save fuel and avoid undesirable rattle in the engine, is always put in your car with gasoline octane minimum recommended by the manufacturer and only hear the voice of your trusted mechanic and recognized experts when put any product in your vehicle, it is most recommended by other drivers, family, friends, neighbors or gummy speed.

Not everything that you think is good for your car is, and why it is best to consult time before causing further damage to the vehicle.


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