The cars are increasingly electronic components, something that a few years ago was reserved for cars high end, hence, if our vehicle is flooded we added it back when complications. If this happens we give, we must be very cautious not to start an action that could aggravate the damage that already has the car.

Although caution, we have to try to leave the water inside the car as soon as possible, in order to prevent rust and believes that electronic components are damaged. We will open the doors of the vehicle, including the trunk, to help everything dry as soon as possible.

Until we have not followed all the steps we should not start the engine , even the ignition key, as this would trigger the electronic system, which could short out due to water.

We have to disconnect the car battery, the heart of the electronic system, to eliminate any risk of damage to the car flood.

And in the engine, one of the most important actions if the flooded car is removing plugs to help the water out of the cylinders.

You will precede carefully also helps to dry rags-to-all areas where the water has come. You must be very scrupulous when it comes to removing moisture from all connectors and electronic components.

If the car flooded, it is likely that water has contaminated the fuel tank. You check out two liters. If you see that it has been mixed with water, we have to remove all gasoline and replace it.

You must also check that the oil is free of water. If we see that the levels are above the maximum and also the liquid has a light brown color, we can be sure that water got there and you have to change the oil.

In the case of flooding the car, the exhaust pipe is probably full of water. If you raise the possibility of vege or so from the front so that the liquid flows naturally, you will. If not, you will have to resort to removing the exhaust pipe and empty it.

In addition, you must also wash the inside of the car, seats and carpets, and even disinfected, to avoid problems later after the flood car.


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