Ignore automatic transmission can cost you dearly.

If you ask them what routine jobs are the most important for the maintenance of the vehicle, most would say the change engine oil and filter paper, but forget the automatic transmission.

Replace Dirty Air Filter

Replacing dirty air filter is the easiest way to achieve optimum performance.

If you have a dirty air filter, you are stealing power from the engine and diminishing performance gasoline – it can even damage your engine! In fact, the equivalent of two aspirin ground in engine wear may cause more than 120,000 miles of normal operation. But change the air filter is perhaps the easiest way to ensure your engine is functioning optimally. In most cars even tools required. Just lift the hood, open the air filter box and replace dirty old filter with a new one. It’s that simple!

Change Your Old Battery

If your battery is more than three or four years, it may not withstand another winter. For your safety, replace your old battery today!

A weak battery can hardly turn on your car, leaving you stranded. Protect yourself and your family with a new battery.

Keep Clean System Combustable

Did the moisture of winter weather can cause the presence of water in the fuel line? That can cause the engine to hesitate on or just do not turn – go to AutoZone and do something about it now!

A system of contaminated fuel causes serious problems. Avoid costly repairs! Use a fuel treatment regularly to keep your car running clean and efficiently!

When choosing the right product for the fuel system can solve most problems handling caused by clogged fuel injectors, accumulating in the fuel line or engine deposits. These same problems usually can be avoided completely with the periodic use of a fuel treatment in the gas tank.

Change the oil every 5,000 miles

Protect your investment! Change oil and oil filter every three months or 5,000 miles * is the easiest way to extend the life of your engine.

Why is it so important?

In cold weather, the sediments accumulate faster because the engine takes longer to reach normal operating temperature. Sediments, corrosive acid and many other contaminants build up in your engine, diminishing performance auto and gasoline!

Switch to a lighter oil. Switching to lighter oil in the winter helps the engine to start more reliably. On a cold morning, the battle over engine to circulate a viscous oil. Also, a very viscous oil may leave unprotected parts of the engine on.

Replace lights Castings

Be sure to see and be seen.

At this time of year, most drivers spend more time driving in the dark. This is the perfect time to make sure the front, rear and directional lights are working properly. Driving with lights out is not only dangerous; it is a violation of traffic regulations! Drive Safe! Visit AutoZone and change your lights out today!

Install Wipers New Leaf

With the change of season, the wipers should be changed too!

Wipers streaking and staining affect visibility, creating a dangerous situation. If you still have the same wiper positions summer, will not do you much this winter. Heat and cold ruin the rubber – why should change the windshield wipers every season, just to be sure. Do not wait for the next rain storm to find out you need a new set of wipers. Replace old wiper now!

* For optimum performance and maximum fuel efficiency, comply with change intervals mentioned above. These intervals vary from one vehicle to another and, largely, are affected by conditions and personal driving habits. See the user manual for specific recommendations for your vehicle maintenance.


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